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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2012 year, number 1

The Feeding of Stoat in Magadan Region

E. A. Dubinin
Institute of Biological Problems of the North FED RAS
Keywords: stoat, feeding, seasonal and geographical variability, Magadan region
Pages: 149-155


Common characteristics of stoats' diet in Magadan region are presented. It consists mainly of small murine rodents, namely red-backed voles of Clethrionomys genus; in Priokhotje it is C. rufocanus, and in the basin of the Kolyma river it is C. rutilus. The content of mammals in the diet of stoat decreases by approximately 20 % in the snow period of the year. The predator compensates this by feeding with fish collected from the bottom of the dried pools. Birds, insects, plant food play a small part in the feeding of stoat in Magadan region.