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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2012 year, number 1

On the Studies of the Selectivity of Marking Behavior of Brown Bear over the Tree Diameter

S. V. Puchkovskiy, M. S. Buynovskaya, D. K. Voronetskaya, G. V. Neustroev
Udmurt State University
Keywords: selectivity, bear tree, mark
Pages: 141-147


Original data on the diameter of bear trees and the trees in the stand were collected during the years 2002-2009 at the Upper Pechora and in the Western Sayan. The data were processed using the two-sample Stident's test and correlation analysis. For comparison, the published data on the thickness of bear trees are involved. Brown bears use the trees 2 to 89 cm in diameter for marking. As a rule, bear trees exceed the trees of the stand in the average diameter, which is the evidence of the selectivity of bears for the trees of larger diameter for marking.