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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2012 year, number 1

Spatial-Typological Structure of the Bird Population in the Coniferous-Deciduous Forests of Northern Privolzhje

O. S. Noskova
N. I. Labachevsky Nizhniy Novgorod State Universiry
Keywords: bird population, Northern Privolzhje, classification, spatial structure, factor
Pages: 107-114


On the basis of the materials collected during continuous all-year-round routing censuses, the analysis of territorial non-uniformity of bird populations of the coniferous-deciduous forests in Northern Privolzhje was carried out for the first time, and the major factors defining it were revealed. The spatial-temporal classification of the bird population the surveyed territory was made, the quantitative estimation of force and the communication generality between the spatial non-uniformity of bird populations and the factors of environment is given. The spatial-temporal structure of bird populations is determined mainly by forestation and seasonal variability in heat presence, and also by the structure of forest breeds, building, and the relief.