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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2012 year, number 1

Wild Berry Plants and Carpophagous Birds in the Taiga Zone of the Southern Russian Far East

V. A. Nechaev1, A. A. Nechaev2
1 Institute of Biology and Soil Science FED RAS
2 Federal State Organization Far Eastern Forestry Research Institute,
Keywords: wild berry plants, the south of Russian Far East taiga zone, carpophagous birds, role of birds in wild berry seed dissemination
Pages: 97-106


Information about the role of birds in dissemination of wild berry plants in the south of the Russian Far East taiga zone is presented, based on the authors' long-term ecological investigations, and reviewed references are given. The dominant and subdominant species of carpophagous birds are determined. The participation of birds in dissemination of the seeds of wild berry plants during the periods of nomad and seasonal migrations is discussed.