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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2012 year, number 1

Morphological Features of Amur Sleeper Perccottus glenii (Perciformes, Eleotrididae) Introduced into Waterbodies of the European Part of Russia

A. N. Kasyanov, Т. V. Goroshkоva
I. D. Papanin Institute for Biology of Inland Waters RAS,
Keywords: amur sleeper, invader, meristic characters, waterbodies of different type, aquired range
Pages: 81-96


Data on 8 morphological features of Amur sleeper populations of acquired (29 populations) (50.0°-62.2°) range in the European part of Russia and their comparison with those of the natural (4 populations) (43.5°-48.2°) range is given for the first time. It seems most probable that the formation of a certain number of vertebrae in the abdominal, transitional and caudal sections of the axial skeleton in the observed population groups of Amur sleeper is due to similar temperature regimes of these waterbodies.