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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2012 year, number 1

Dynamics of Biological Indices of Nonmigratory and Invader Fish in the Basin of the Lower Tom River

V. I. Romanov1, I. B. Babkina1, O. G. Karmanova1, A. P. Petlina1, N. V. Skalon2, T. V. Yurakova1
1 Tomsk State University
2 Kemerovo State University,
Keywords: species composition, distribution, fertility, size and age, invader fish
Pages: 71-80


The species composition and dominating complexes of fish in catches are considered. The fraction of mass fish species in catches is shown (small rivers and the channel zone). The structural (size, age) and functional (fertility) indices of some nonmigratory and invader fish species are characterized. Over the widespread and numerous fish species, the major biological parameters are considered in the spatial-temporal aspect.