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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2008 year, number 3

The Influence of Heavy Metal Mobile Forms on the Microbial Activity of Soil Substratum of the Placer Gold Mines (for the Valley of the River Dzhalindy, Priamurje, as an Example)

O. A. Sorokina, L. M. Pavlova, V. I. Kiselev
Pages: 473–484


The influence of heavy metal mobile forms on the number of ecological-trophical groups of microorganisms in the soil substratum of the placer gold mines in Priamurje is discussed. The investigated soil samples are characterized by stable enrichment with such elements as Co, Ni, Cr, Cu, Pb, Zn, As, Mo. The amount of mobile forms (with respect to total content) varies from 0.5 to 54 % depending on element. A dependence between the indices of pollution and the ranges of the number of main ecological-trophical groups of microorganism is revealed. Dependencies between increased concentrations of the mobile forms of some heavy metals and the microbiological indices are established and illustrated.