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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2008 year, number 3

Effect of UV-Radiation Passed Through Light-Correcting Films on the Enzymatic Activity of Oil-Polluted Soil

L. I. Svarovskaya, D. A. Filatov, L. K. Altunina
Pages: 457–463


The efficiency of photoluminescent (light-correcting) polymeric films on the enzymatic activity of microorganisms in oil-polluted soil was investigated under laboratory conditions. The effect of the use of films as a covering material containing organic and inorganic photoluminophores was studied under the UV-irradiation of the soil polluted with oil products in the concentration up to 50 g/kg. The application of light-correcting films increases the activtiy of enzymes in oil-polluted soil: catalase by a factor of 2