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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2008 year, number 3

Original Data on the Diversity, Ecology and Chemical Composition of Aquatic and Subaquatic Lichens (Lichenes) of the Stony Littoral of Lake Baikal

N. N. Kulikova, A. N. Suturin, S. M. Boiko, A. V. Lishtva, L. F. Paradina, E. V. Saibatalova, O. A. Timoshkin, T. G. Potemkina, A. A. Zavarzin, I. V. Khanaev
Pages: 399–406


A detailed systematic list of subaquatic epilithic and aquatic lichens inhabiting the surf zone and the littoral region of the test site Cape Berezovyi (Southern Baikal) is provided on the basis of investigations carried out within the years 2002