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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2006 year, number 2

An L-System Based Model of Growth of Conifer Tree Growth

A. M. Omelko


On the basis of L systems, a mathematical model describing the dark coiniferous tree species is created. A software is written which makes it possible to form a computerized tree stand from separate trees and watch its development. For ruling out crossings of branches of growing trees, a rule of prohibition of a shoot growth into an already occupied place is introduced. The model parameters have been determined for two dark coniferous species from the southern Sikhote-Alin - Yeddo spruce and Khingan fir. The model makes it possible to obtain the following effects: variants of change of the form of the tree crown under the influence of neighboring trees, uncertainty of the height of the crown origin, change of rise and form of the trunk depending on the plantation density, renewal of normal tree growth after clearing. A comparison of model results and empirical observations has demonstrated that the model describes well the growth of both single trees and mixed plantations.