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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2006 year, number 2

Time Course of Pyrological Regimes of Lendscape Units of Southern Taiga of the Middle Siberia in the XVIII-XX Centuries

V. V. Furyaev, V. I. Zabolotsky, I. G. Goldammer


Methodical aspects of studying the time course of pyrological regimes and their influence on natural ecosystems are considered. The conclusion is made that for elucidation of long-term time course of pyrological regimes it is expedient to unite various sources of data on the history of fires. This makes it possible to eliminate certain drawbacks characteristic of separate methods. The time course of pyrological regimes in the main landscape units of southern taiga of the Yenisei region of Siberia for the last three centuries has been analyzed. A quantitative estimation of deviations of modern pyrological regimes from the past ones has been made. Probable ecological and forestry concerned consequences of changes of the pyrological regimes and possible ways of their control of the pyrogenic factor with the purpose of stabilization of ecosystems are discussed.