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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2006 year, number 2

Biomass of the Soil Cover and Underbrush in Larch Associations of the Cryolithozone of Middle Siberia

S. G. Prokushkin, A. P. Abaimov, A. S. Prokushkin, O. V. Masyagina


Peculiarities of distribution of biomass reserves of the soil cover and underbrush in larch associations of the Central Evenkia depending on ecological conditions and man's influences are considered. It is noted that the reserves of lower storey of forest phytocenoses under the conditions of northern taiga of the Middle Siberia are commensurable with the total phytomass of tree stands. This points to an important role of the vegetation of subordinate storeys in the accumulation of organic substance and to its considerable participation in the circulation of substances in the cryolithozone of Middle Siberia. Fires lead to liquidation of the soil cover , whose biomass restoration here is delayed for many decades.