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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2004 year, number 6

Distribution and Biological Activity of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the System: Source

L. I. Belykh, A. G. Gorshkov, I. A. Ryabchikova, V. A. Seryshev, I. I. Marinaite

Abstract >>
The regularities of distribution of content, composition, biological activity of 12 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) of priority are investigated in the systems "source

A Model of Supergene Transport and Concentrating of Heavy Metals

Yu. A. Kalinin, N. A. Roslyakov

Abstract >>
The conditions, forms and mechanisms of migration and accumulation of metals of the region of sorption-infiltration accumulation during the formation of chemically decayed residual soil, which is widespread in the south of West Siberia. The model of super gene transport and concentrating is based on the behaviour of gold, which is relatively inert metal, in the kaolinite residual soil profile with intensive karst development. Regular changes in the form of metal migration depending on physicochemical conditions and the role of specific geochemical barriers in metal concentrating are demonstrated.

Swamping andHydrogenous Transformation of the Soils of the Vasyugan Plain

A. G. Dyukarev, N. N. Pologova

Abstract >>
The regularities of hydromorphous transformation of soils during the evolution of landscapes of the Vasyugan Plain are considered. The dynamic character of soil formation at the junction of landscape zones caused involvement of the soil cover composition characteristic of each stage of the Holocene into the sphere of influence of the swamp formation process. Original combination of the forest-steppe and the taiga soil forming processes is shown in the soil profile; a combination of monovalent cations

Ecologo-Biochemical Specific Features of Accumulation of Biologocally Active Substances in Some Species of Geraniaceae n the South Urals

V.S. Nikitina, O.E. Orazov, G.V. Shendel

Abstract >>
The levels of accumulation of phenolic compounds and flavonoids, as well as variability of biochemical composition in the air part of four Geranium L. species from different soil-ecologic areas of the South Urals were determined. The dynamics of accumulation of phenolic compounds and flavonoids in air parts of Geranium pratense, G. sylvaticum and G. sanguineum according to stage of vegetation was studied. The ecotypes of Geranium with high flavonoids content were determined, which are promising for isolation of biologically active substances exhibiting antiviral and antioxidant action.

The Effect of Anthropogenic Load and Thunderstorm Activity on the Probability of the Occurrence of Forest Fire

N. V. Baranovsky

Abstract >>
A new probabilistic criterion of the forest fire danger is considered. The effect of meteorological conditions, anthropogenic load and thunderstorm activity on the probability of forest fire occurrence is considered. The scales of forest fire danger are proposed. The technique is realized in the form of a parallel software complex and informational predictive system.

Phytoplankton of Reservoirs of River Belay Basin

F. B. Shkundina, M. R. Nasirova

Abstract >>
The results of investigation of phytoplankton of the Nizhnekamskoye, Pavlovskoye, Nugushskoye reservoirs, as well as phytoplankton of the Belaya river upstream and at the site of the construction of Yumaguzinskoye reservoir are reported.

Diatoms in

A. S. Stenina

Abstract >>
For the first time, the diatoms of different communities in Ural tributaries of the Pechora River, the Maly Patok and the Svetly Vuktyl were studied. As a total, 190 species with varieties and forms from 34 genera and 13 families were found. Comparative analysis of diatoms in the rivers on undisturbed territory and on the territory with man-made changed was made. Differences in taxonomical, cenotical, ecological and geographical structures of diatom complexes in the rivers studied were revealed. The main factors determining them are natural peculiarities (course, pH, conductivity) and weak anthropogenic influence.

Specific Features of Polymorphism of the Minusinsk Climatype of Pine in the Cultures of the Shira Dry Steppe

I. V. Tikhonova

Abstract >>
Higher stability of the Minusinsk climatype of pine in the cultures of the Shira dry steppe in comparison with other climatypes from the forest and forest-steppe zones of Siberia is based on two morphological forms of pine which are most suitable for the new conditions. The characteristics of these forms are similar with those of a part of the trees of the local Shira climatype. However, in comparison with it, the Minusinsk climatype under more severe conditions is distinguished by lower polymorphism and the absence of pine forms which are most widespread in the local natural population.

The Features of Festuca

G. N. Bulatova

Abstract >>
The article deals with the questions of Festuca pseudovin

Ecological and Morphological Criteria of the Optimal Conditions for Germination of the Seeds of Wild Plants

G. P. Semenova

Abstract >>
The conditions of germination of the seeds with profound dormancy of the species of Aconitum L. genus and of rare endangered species of flora of Siberia are studied. The criteria of optimal conditions of supplementary development and germination of seeds are marked: the dynamics of germ growth and size before germination, which allows determining the standard response of species for temperature conditions and its ecological amplitude at early stages of ontogenesis. Sowing freshly gathered seeds into soil and under laboratory conditions is a shortcut method of determining dormancy extent of the seeds of different species.

Comparative Evaluation of the Status of the Populations of Panzerina lanata subsp.

L. P. Kravtsova

Abstract >>
The structure and dynamics of three coenopopulations of panzerina argyracea growing in the steppe coenoses of Khakasia were studied. The age spectra were determined, high intra- and interpopulation variability was established for the number of generative sprouts per individual, number of flowers and the set seeds in inflorescence. Correlations between morphometric characteristics of generative individuals were revealed.

Structure and Variability of Correlation Between Morphological Characters of Pentaphylloides fruticosa (Rosaceae) Flowers under Various Conditions of the Mountainous Altay

V. N. Godin

Abstract >>
A comparative analysis of variability of 18 morphological characters of 300 bisexual flowers of Pentaphylloides fruticosa has been performed in 10 coenopopulations from different ecological-phytocoenotic conditions of the Mountainous Altai. Deterioration of growth conditions leads to an increase both in general variability of most of characters and in the degree of correlation between them. The characters studied have been classified into the groups on the basis of relative variation and coefficient of determination. Calyx and corolla sizes are indicators of variation. It has been established that the greater are changes in correlation between characters, the lower is determination of them. The correlation between characters of the P.fruticosa flower regularly changes under environmental effect.

Study of Mutagenic Activity of Bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus)

А. M.. Gonchar, T. D. Dubatolova, A. I. Jelezova, L. P. Zaharenko, N. G. Kolosova, L. A. Chugaeva.

Abstract >>
Mutagenic activity of aqueous extract of wild-growing bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) fruits gathered in the southern territories of the Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk regions exposed to anthropogenic load was studied. It is demonstrated that the aqueous extract of bilberry fruits containing 25 % anthocyanides, despite possible ecological contamination, does not exhibit gene toxicity exceeding the standards established for foodstuffs and may by used as a component in industrial production of antioxidant food additives and drugs.

Raw Material Resources of Medicinal Tea Plants in Western Prebaikal Region

E. G. Khudonogova

Abstract >>
The article determines the volumes of possible annual gatherings (in tons) of 9 most popular kinds of medicinal tea plants in Pre-Baikal and Olkhon forestries (Bergenia crassifolia (L.) Frisch, Chamerion angustifolium (L.) Holub, Pentaphylloides fruticosa (L.) O. Schwarz, Pulmonaria mollis Wulfen ex Hornem., Rhodiola rosea L., Thymus serpyllum L., Vaccinium myrtillus L., V. uliginosum L., V. vitis-idaea L.), and also presents the total actual and industrial area of land under these kinds (ha); their average yield per 1 m

Features of Reproduction of Hierochloe glabra Trin. (Poaceae)in Natural Populations and in Culture

N. K. Shokhina

Abstract >>
Seed fertility of Hierochloe glabra plants was studied in 19 natural populations. Next, seed productivity of the plants of 15 populations of H. glabra was studied in the experiment during three to twelve years. Low seed fertility of H. glabra plants (2n = 28, 2n = 42) was observed in nature and in experiment.

The Experience of the Creation of Natural Flora and Vegetation Expositions Using the Method of Hay-Seed Mixtures by D.S. Dzybov

L. S. Nikitina, I. E. Anishchenko, L. M. Abramova

Abstract >>
The method of restoration of grassy (meadow and steppe) communities by D.S. Dzybov, involving hay-seed mixture sowing, was tested in the Ufa Botanical Garden-Institute. Sorensen coefficient of similarity with standard communities exceeded 50% after 3