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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2003 year, number 1

Photosynthetic Characteristics of Heterotic Forms of PisumSativum (L.) and their Parental Strains with Regard to Productivity

Pages: 113-118


Parameters oif biological productivity, photosynthetic characteristics (RuBisCo and GAP activity, CO2 uptake, O2 release), content of some metabolites (amino acids, organic acids, starch and sugars) and the mesostructure of pea ( Pisum sativum L.) leaves of Torsdag variety, its isogenic mutants with respect to chlorophyll deficiency (2004 and 2014) and hybrids (TxM-2004 and M-2004xT) have been studied.
It has been established that the seed productivity of pea is directly correlated (r > 0.93) with the maximal photosynthesis, oxygen release rate, photosynthesis of a single chloroplast, and mobilization index. It is concluded that high values of photosynthetic characcteristics not always result in high seed productivity of pea plants.