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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2003 year, number 1

Composition and Content of Flavonoids in Species of the Genus Myosotis L. (Boraginaceae Juss.) from Different Growing Places

Pages: 79-84


The composition and contents of flavonoids in the leaves of species of the genus Myosotis L., sections Sylvaticae, Alpestres and Myosotis from various growing places have been studied. The flavonoid profiles of the species studied by us are characterized by a considerable similarity. Irrespective of the collection site, in all the species of the section Sylvaticae three common components are present. In species of the sections Alpestrers and Myosotis,there are four common components. In all the specimens studied, irrespective of the species, the dominant flavonoid component is F3. Flavonoid content of species M. krylovii and M. imitata from various regions are characterized by a very high variability.