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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2003 year, number 1

Morphological Variation and Polymorphism of Endosperm Proteins and Hyston H1 in Typical and Morphology Deviating Forms of Elymus caninus (L.) L. (Poaceae)

Pages: 17-28


Intraspecific variability of the perennial StH-genomic wild grass Elymus caninus (L.) L. were studied. Data on the variation of some morphological characters, endosperm protein and histon H1 have been obtained in accessions from different places of the area. The method of electrophoresis revealed a significant polymorphism on endosperm proteins and less one on histon H1. Homogeneity on endosperm proteins was found only in 1 from 7 studied Siberian populations. In most cases protein spectra were identical in sister-grains. This is an indication of the high level homozygous as resulted of a self-pollination.