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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2002 year, number 5

Genus Poa L. in the Flora of High Mountains of South Siberia

Pages: 579-588


At the modern stage of development of systematics of grasses, one may assume that in high mountainous regions of Siberia there are 18 species and 5 subspecies of the genus Poa. The core of the group is composed of high-mountainous  (P. smirnovii Roshev. S. L., P. alpigena subsp. sobolevskiana (Gudoschn.) Tzvel., P. vereczaginii Tzvel., P. attenuata subsp. attenuata (Trin.) Tzvel., P. attenuata subsp. tchuensis (serg.) Olon., P. rangkulensis Ovez et Czuk., P. glauca subsp. litvinoviana (Ovez.) Tzvel., P. glauca subsp. tristis (Trin.) Olon., P. altaica Trin., P.ircitica Roshev.) and arctic-mountainous (Poa alpigena subsp. alpigena, P. alpina) species. Species widespread in different zones are also found in Siberia. These are arctic P. arctica R. Br., P. tolmatchevii Roshev., P. paucispicula Scribn. et Mewrr., P. pseudoabbreviata Roshev found in the mountains of South Siberia as relicts, P. sibirica subsp. sibirica (Roshev) Tzvel. Existing as forest and mountainous races, the montane-steppe P. tianshanica (Regel.) Hack ex O. Fedtsch. and  the plurizonal P. supina Schrad., P. annua L., P. pratensis L. s. str., and P. palustris L.