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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2002 year, number 1

Pine Needle Peroxidase During Vegetation under Pollution



The time course of electro-phoretic peroxidase forms from coniferous needles of pine during vegetation has been studied. In the control and in the experiment (air pollution with NO2 and SO2), the same peroxidase forms (in the experiment, by 1 form more) were observed. However, the occurrence frequency (an indicator analogous to probability)of its 9 to 14 forms (21 in the control)( in each month of study (from May to September) in the experiment was significantly different from the control. In total occurrence frequencies (throughout the investigation period),significant differences between the experiment and the control were found with respect to 12 peroxidase forms, including the form that occurred only in the experiment. In this case, higher frequencies of any peroxidase forms in the experiment as compared to the control were compensated for by an identical increase of occurrence frequencies of other forms in the control, i.e. a redistribution of occurrence frequencies of some peroxidase forms between the experiment and the control was observed.