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Contemporary Problems of Ecology

2002 year, number 1

Influence of Boring Wastes and Petroleum on the Physiological Condition of Plants



Differential and combined influence of petroleum and of boring wastes on the germinating capacity of wheat and pine seeds, on the viability of pine seedlings, the growth rate of wheat, and on the ecological stability of a 10-year-old Siberian cedar culture were studied. It is established that a petroleum content of up to 1 %, and a 20 % concentration of wastes with respect to soil volume stimulated the germination of pine seeds but did not contribute to viability of its seedlings. A 1 % concentration of petroleum also stimulated germination of wheat seeds, but inhibited the growth of its plants. An increase of petroleum concentration to 4-5 % with respect to soil volume exerted a negative influence not only on the growth of wheat plants, but also on the seed germination. A 1 % petroleum concentration in a 20-cm horizon of mineral automorphous soil, with simultaneous application of clean boring wastes stimulated the growth of cedar and increased the resistance of its plantations