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Journal of Structural Chemistry

2012 year, number 5


H. P??rez, R.S. Corr??a, B. O???reilly, A.M. Plut??n, C.C.P. Silva, Y.P. Mascarenhas
Keywords: nickel(II) complex, acylthiourea derivatives, spectroscopic analysis, crystal structure, molecular assembly, Hirshfeld surface
Pages: 941-945


The title compound [Ni(C20H15N2OS)2] is prepared by the reaction of metal acetate with the corresponding acylthiourea derivative. The complex is characterized by elemental analysis, IR, 1H and 13C NMR, and its structure is determined by single crystal X-ray diffraction. The Ni(II) ion is coordinated by the S and O atoms of two N-benzoyl-N′,N′-diphenylthiourea ligands in a slightly distorted square-planar coordination geometry. The two O and two S atoms are mutually cis to each other. The substance crystallizes triclinic (P-1 space group) with cell dimensions a = 10.7262(9), b = 12.938(3), c = 14.2085(12) Å, α = 74.650(4), β = 78.398(4), γ = 68.200(5)°, and two formula units in the unit cell. The structure is very close to the related N-(2-furoyl) Ni complex reported previously.