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Journal of Structural Chemistry

2011 year, number 4


Г‰. B. Miminoshvili, L. A. Beridze, S. R. Zazashvili
Keywords: complex compounds, structural analysism, sulfanilamides, sulfapyridazine
Pages: 840-843


We have previously found that ethazole and sulfadimethoxine (sulfanilamide representatives) do not coordinate to Mg(II), Mn(II), Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), and Zn(II) metals, and they are outer-sphere anions in the complex compounds of these metals. This work presents the results of the structural study of yet another sulfanilamide representative: the [Ni(A)2(OH2)2] compound containing sulfapyridazine. Here A is the sulfapyridazine anion (C11H11N4O3S is 6-(p-aminobenzenesulfamido)-3-methoxypyridazine) coordinated by nitrogen atoms (N(1) and N(2)), thus functioning as a bidentate cyclic ligand. The symmetry and unit cell parameters are as follows: monoclinic, C2/c space group, а = 20.116(3) Å, b = 8.221(2) Å, c = 16.923(4) Å, β = 75.19(5)°, V = 2705.6(7) Å3, T = 293 K, and Z = 4. The final value of R = 0.048 was obtained for 1930 independent reflections with I > 2σ(I). The structure consists of complex molecules.