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Journal of Structural Chemistry

2011 year, number 2

structure, spectral and LUMINESCENCE properties of compounds of europium(III) with nicotinic acid and enroFloxacin

A. V. Polishchuk, Г‰. T. Karaseva, M. A. Pushilin, T. A. Kaidalova, V. E. Karasev
Keywords: europium, nicotinic acid, enrofloxacin, complexes, luminescence, structure
Pages: 406-411


The compounds of Eu(III) with nicotinic acid and enrofloxacin are synthesized. Their composition and structure are proved by the data of elemental analysis, IR and luminescence spectroscopy, powder and single crystal X-ray diffraction. By single crystal X-ray diffraction, the structure of the compound of Eu with nicotinic acid is identified as a centrosymmetric dimer with 4 carboxylate bridges of the composition Eu2(C6H4NO2)6·4H2O. The Stark structure of the 5D0-7Fj transitions in the mixed-ligand compounds of Eu(III) with nicotinic acid and enrofloxacin is determined. The bands of IR spectra are assigned; the conclusion about the bidentate coordination of ligands is made