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Journal of Structural Chemistry

2011 year, number 2

Solubility of porphyrin macrocycles in mixed solvents

M. Y. Nikiforov, V. A. Golubev, G. M. Mamardashvili, G. A. Al'per
Keywords: solubility, porphyrin macrocycles, molecular association
Pages: 314-319


A method based on the statements of molecular association theory and a simple lattice model (ASL = Associated Solution + Lattice) is used to calculate the solubility of a series of porphyrin macrocycles (blood porphyrins) in binary solvents (tetrachloromethane-ethyl acetate, tetrachloromethane-methanol). Separate contributions to solubility are identified and the relative role of different factors determining the solubility dependence on the mixed solvent composition is analyzed. The calculated solubility values are in good agreement with the experimental data obtained for the studied systems by the isothermal saturation method with a spectrophotometric control of concentrations.