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Journal of Structural Chemistry

2011 year, number 1

Crystal structure of [Cu(en)2](ReO4)2

E. A. Shusharina1, S. P. Khranenko2, S. A. Gromilov3
Keywords: copper, rhenium, ethylenediamine, rhenium, thermal decomposition, crystal chemistry, single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis
Pages: 206-208


At T = 150 K the crystal structure of [Сu(en)2](ReO4)2 (en is ethylenediamine) is studied: a = 6.6229(1) Å, b = 14.2968(3) Å, c = 7.4859(2) Å, β = 102.415(1)°, V = 692.24(3) Å3, P21/c space group, Z = 2, dx = 3.282 g/cm3. Packing of complex cations is shown to be single layered and pseudohexagonal. Perrhenate anions are located between these layers and additionally coordinate copper atoms with Cu…O distances being 2.504(3) Å.