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Journal of Structural Chemistry

2011 year, number 1

STRUCTURE AND THERMAL PROPERTIES OF [Ir(NH3)5Cl]x[Rh(NH3)5Cl]1-xMO4 (x = 0.5, 1; M = Mo, W)

E. A. Shusharina1, P. E. Plyusnin2, S. P. Khranenko3, S. A. Gromilov4
Keywords: tungsten, molybdenum, iridium, rhodium, complex salt, crystal chemistry, single-crystal X-ray crystallography, thermal analysis
Pages: 129-136


Complex salts [Ir(NH3)5Cl]x[Rh(NH3)5Cl]1-xMO4 (x = 0.5, 1; M = Mo, W) are synthesized and their thermal properties are studied. The crystal structures are determined for [Ir(NH3)5Cl]WO4 and [Ir(NH3)5Cl]MoO4. In the structures, the ions are linked by N-H…O hydrogen bonds, the shortest ones being 2.868(2)-3.422(2) Å and 2.860(4)-3.434(3) Å respectively. The thermal properties of the complex salts are studied in the hydrogen atmosphere and in hydrogen-helium mixtures. It is demonstrated that the final products are the mixtures of nanocrystalline powders of Ir and binary or ternary solid solutions with the hcp lattice.