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Journal of Structural Chemistry

2010 year, number 7

Composition determination of post-metallocene olefin polymerization catalysts

V. P. Fadeeva, V. D. Tikhova, O. N. Nikulicheva, I. I. Oleynik, I. V. Oleynik
Keywords: elemental analysis, vapor-phase osmometry, post-metallocene catalysts, oligomeric ligands
Pages: 188-192


A set of specially selected classic and automated elemental analysis techniques was used to determine with a required accuracy the composition (C, H, N, Cl, Br, F, Ti, Fe) of transition metal complexes employed in post-metallocene catalytic systems. The element determination was in error by ±0.3-0.5 abs.%. Molecular weights of the synthesized oligomeric ligands were measured within the accuracy of 0.2-2.6 rel.% using the vapor-phase osmometry.