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Journal of Structural Chemistry

2010 year, number 7

composition and structure of calcium gluconate and its mechanoactivated (nanodispersed) form

D. R. Sharafutdinova, Y. Y. Efremov, I. H. Rizvanov, G. N. Konygin, D. S. Rybin, N. S. Strelkov
Keywords: calcium gluconate, mechanoactivation, mass spectrometry
Pages: 145-147


Electron and chemical ionization mass spectrometry and MALDI were used to investigate a medicinal preparation, calcium gluconate (CG), and its more active mechanoactivated form (MACG). Admixtures in CG were identified. Mechanoactivation was shown to produce no new compounds. The enhancement of medicinal activity of MACG may be related with its conformational transition.