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Journal of Structural Chemistry

2010 year, number 7

StructurAL and functional diagnostics of ultrafine components in condensed high-energy systems

N. V. Muravyov, K. A. Monogarov, D. B. Meerov, D. A. Ivanov, O. S. Ordzhonikidze, Y. V. Frolov, A. N. Pivkina, A. A. Korlyukov, I. S. Bushmarinov
Keywords: condensed high-energy systems, ultrafine octogen
Pages: 113-119


The study deals with octogen (HMX) and aluminum, which are among the most widely used components of condensed high-energy systems. The structure, thermal behavior and combustion parameters were determined for the octogen-based monofuels and octogen-aluminum binary systems at different dispersity of components. Irrespective of differences in thermal behavior, monofuels obtained with standard and ultrafine octogen powders were shown to have virtually identical combustion parameters. In the binary systems, replacement of standard microsized aluminum by ultrafine one increases the combustion rate by a factor of 2.5, and completeness of the metal reaction (oxidation) by a factor of 4.