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Journal of Structural Chemistry

2010 year, number 7

Study of the properties and structure of nanosize membranes for acousto-optic devices

B. M. Ayupov, V. V. Bakovets, A. G. Paulish, V. N. Fedorinin, V. S. Danilovich
Keywords: polyimide film, ellipsometry, optical models, electron microscopy
Pages: 73-77


Polyimide films on BK7 glass, which are used to produce matrices for infrared detectors, have been synthesized. When these systems are investigated by monochromatic zero ellipsometry, the least difference between parameters of the incident light polarization, which are determined from suppression angles of polarizer and analyzer and calculated within a certain model, is obtained via introducing air between mounting glass and the film. Validity of the solution was verified by holding the film in water vapor; then, solution of the inverse problem of ellipsometry indicated the appearance of liquid water between the film and mounting glass. Data of the electron microscopy study were used to suggest a water penetration mechanism and develop a physical model of the system polyimide film/mounting glass.