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Journal of Structural Chemistry

2010 year, number 6

Heteroaromatic thioamides: structure and stability OF CHARGE transfer complexes with iodine, antithyroid activity

M. S. Chernov'yants, A. O. Dolinkin
Keywords: heteroaromatic thioamides, charge transfer complexes with iodine, iodinium salts, disulfides of mono(di)-cations, structure, stability, spectroscopic studies, antithyroid preparations
Pages: 1211-1224


The review generalizes the structural studies on the products of the interaction of antithyroid preparations (heteroaromatic thioamides) with iodine. The n-σ* adducts of imidazol, thiazol, oxazole, pyridine, uracil derivatives with molecular iodine, iodinium salts, and also disulfides formed as a result of thione oxidation in iodine-coordinating solvents are considered. Based on mainly single crystal X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy data, the structural parameters of iodine molecular complexes are shown to be highly sensitive to changes in the type of a heteroatom and substituents in the heteroring. The effect of the structure of heteroaromatic thioamides on their antithyroid activity is analyzed.