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Journal of Structural Chemistry

2009 year, number 4


A. P. Kondratieva, N. S. Lebedeva, Y. A. Gubarev, N. A. Pavlycheva, V. P. Andreev, G. A. Alper, R. S. Kumeev
Keywords: 4-(4?-dimethylaminostyryl)pyridine N-oxide, photoirradiation, transcis isomerization, photostationary mixture
Pages: 748-752


The effects of photoirradiation on the conformation state of 4-(4′-dimethylaminostyryl)pyridine N-oxide was studied by spectral (EAS, 1Н NMR, IR) and thermochemical methods. Transcis isomerization was found to proceed in 4-(4′-dimethylaminostyryl)pyridine N-oxide irradiated with light (λ ≤ 400 nm) in chloroform. The conversion of the trans form of 4-(4′-dimethylaminostyryl)pyridine N-oxide to the cis form depends on the time and intensity of irradiation. Maximum conversion was achieved when a photostationary mixture formed with a ratio of components trans:cis = 40:60. Further irradiation of the solutions of 4-(4′-dimethylaminostyryl)pyridine N-oxide in chloroform led to salification with HCl formed during the decomposition of CHCl3.