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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2011 year, number 2

Transportation of Silver and Gold from the Plants of the Altay District to Saint-Petersburg in the late XIX Century.

A.A. Zavyalov
Keywords: Altay, smelting of silver and gold, Saint-Petersburg, water-way, railway, costs
Pages: 83-86


There is a vast historiography on the Altay mining industry, its creation, its role in economic and cultural development of the local population. However researchers didn't pay much attention to the history of transportation of gold and silver from the Altay district to Saint-Petersburg. That is why an attempt was made to trace the routes of gold and silver delivery from the Altay to Saint-Petersburg in the end of the XIX century as well as to evaluate its costs (also taking into account the transportation costs). This task was accomplished on the basis of archival documents for the first time introduced for scientific use. It allowed determining not only the total expenditure of the gold and silver transportation from the Altay to the capital, but also showing separate costs for overland transport, waterways and later - for railroads.