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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2011 year, number 2

Effectiveness of the Siberian Researchers Participation in the RGNF (Russian Foundation for Humanities) Contests.

M. Y. Cherevikina
Keywords: effectiveness of the scientific community, scientific project contest, preferences of contestants
Pages: 76-82


The article is devoted to analysis of effectiveness of the Siberian scientific community participating in scientific project contests organized by the RGNF (Russian Foundation for Humanities) in 2009-2010. Based on the vast statistical data the author shows the results of projects supported by the RGNF and implemented in different fields of science; correlation between projects carried out by researchers from the Russian Academy of Sciences and from higher education institutions. Special attention is given to evaluation of results of the main contest. The article reveals unfavorable trends in contests organized during the crisis years; analyzes underlying factors which influenced these trends; among them - preferences of the contestants from the Russian Academy of Sciences.