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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2011 year, number 2

Purges in the Managerial Personnel of the Tsentrosoyuz in 1930: Goals and Methods.

A.A. Nikolaev
Keywords: comsumer's cooperation, Tsentrosoyuz, Sibkraisoyuz, purges of the cooperation staff, private capital
Pages: 46-50


The paper based on the documents regarding the purge in the personnel of the cooperative enterprises in 1930 analyzes the managerial staff of the Tsentrosoyuz which came in sight of the state controlling bodies. The author concludes that the cooperative managerial personnel consisted of a large number of administrators focused on market methods of procuring and manufacturing activities. They kept their top positions in the most significant spheres of cooperative sector owing to their high qualification and absence of any politically incriminating evidence. Only in the late 1920s when the government set a course for creating a system of centralized planning and refused from the private market methods the cooperatives' managers who had had a work record before the revolution were considered not only irrelevant but also dangerous for fulfillment of state programs. The planned procurements and ration card system replaced the free trade and agricultural goods purchasing as the top-priority methods of cooperation work.