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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2011 year, number 2

A Governor in a Siberian Province (Devoted to the 150th Anniversary of the Birth of the Governor Ivan I. Kraft)

A.A. Pavlov, S.E. Nikitina
Keywords: Governor of the Yakutian Oblast, socio-cultural processes, scientific studying of the region, folk education, public health, agronomical culture, educational public organizations, periodical press
Pages: 33-36


The article deals with the Councilor of State Ivan I. Kraft who was the most colorful figure of all the heads of the oblast. In the years when Ivan I. Kraft governed the Yakutian Oblast (1907-1913) the considerable socio-cultural changes took place: the cart-roads were built; delivery of mail became faster; the new stations were opened at the roads. Telephone, electricity, movies became the realities of Yakutsk citizens' life; the public and political press became widespread. Ivan I. Kraft gave special attention to enlightenment, public health, and equipping agriculture with advanced technologies.