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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2011 year, number 2

The Living and Working Conditions of Justices of the Peace in Western Siberia in the Late XIX - Early XX Centuries.

E.A. Krestyannikov
Keywords: judicial reforms, Western Siberia, justices of the peace
Pages: 26-29


The article deals with the everyday life of justices of the peace in Western Siberia before the revolution. Peculiarities of this legal institution along with Siberian conditions created difficulties the local justices of the peace had to overcome. compared to other employees of the Ministry of Justice they were more burdened with lawsuits, wanted for material resources and suffered from disorderly life, so the results of their work were adversely affected by all these factors. The central authorities tried to take proper account of the region's specific features, but the everyday judicial work proved that all these attempts failed and the whole system of  justice of the peace worked under the permanent crisis.