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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2011 year, number 1

Small Towns and Rural Area: Regional Patterns of Demographic Evolution in the Second Half of XX Century.

O.V. Gorbachev
Keywords: small town, urbanization, demographic development of the village, agglomeration, migration
Pages: 62-66


The article's purpose is to examine the prospects of demographic development in rural areas near small towns in the context of Russia's urbanization. The urgency of the problem is determined both by the consequences of the rural area's active depopulation in the second half of the XX century and by the necessity to clarify the role of small towns in the urbanization process. The author considers main types of the Russian small towns and analyzes the specific features of their formation and functioning. He also defines different types of demographic modernization of rural areas adjacent to small towns. The author concludes that the most natural model of demographic modernization of rural area is offered by small satellite towns located near metropolitan agglomerations.