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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2011 year, number 1

Siberian Newspapers during the Period of Democratic Counterrevolution (in the End of May – the Middle of November 1918).

D.L. Sheremetyeva
Keywords: newspapers, periodical press, Civil War, anti-Bolshevik movement, Siberia
Pages: 31-34


The article deals with newspapers published in the end of May - the middle of November 1918 in Siberia under the rule of the anti-Bolshevik government. The author studies the circumstances under which the newspapers were published, shows changes in quantity and contents of the local press. It is stated that liquidation of the Soviet power in Siberia led to reestablishment of the freedom of speech and radical changes in the sphere of periodical press. Newspapers as a social institute preserved their independence from the authorities despite the escalation of Civil War and evolution of the political regime of democratic counter-revolution towards authoritarianism.