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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2007 year, number

The Priority of Russian National Linguistics in Discovering the

Ilyina L.A.
Pages: 3-6

Abstract >>
The paper argues in favour of historical priority of the investigations of the languages of the peoples of Russia and the works of national linguists in informative documenting, terminological definition, and scientific description of the verb grammems of evidentials. The pa

The Genetic Paradigm as a Unit of Systematic Dynamic Investigation of the Russian Vocabulary

Pyataeva N.V.
Pages: 7-9

Abstract >>
The paper touches upon the problems of describing lexico-semantic system of the Russian language starting with Common Slavic and ending with the modern state on the basis of investigating genetically related lexical units combined in derivational, radical and etymological fami

Determining a Degree of Vowel Off-glide using a Roentgenoscheme

Urtegeshev N.S.
Pages: 10-15

Abstract >>
The paper presents a universal table of vowel arti

The Utterances with an Obligatory Position of the Adverbial Modifier of Manner in res

Horuk K.M.
Pages: 16-19

Abstract >>
This paper focuses on the investigation of utteran

The Means of Expressing Persuasi

Shamina L.A.
Pages: 20-24

Abstract >>
The paper deals with the means of expressing per

The Auxiliary Verbs in the Altai Language

Tazranova A.P.
Pages: 30-33

Abstract >>
The paper considers auxialiary verbs in analytical converb constructions on the basis of the Altai language material. With respect to the semantic load the analytical constructions are classified into two functional-semantic subtypes.

The Category of Number in the Chal

Fedina N.N.
Pages: 34-39

Abstract >>
The paper examines the category of number in the Chalkan Language and the universal pluarity maker =

A Compositional Nature of the Spa

Butorin S.S.
Pages: 40-44

Abstract >>
The paper deals with the semantics of the Ket serial spatial postpositions which are one of the main means of

The Language Specificity of the Historical Writing

Badmayeva L. B.
Pages: 45-48

Abstract >>
The paper touches upon the problem of studying the Mongolian peoples

Bi-argument Constructions Contai

Solovar V.N.
Pages: 49-51

Abstract >>
The paper describes the semantics of bi-argument con

The Possessive Forms of the Khanty Somatic Vocabulary

Ryabchikova Z.S.
Pages: 52-55

Abstract >>
The possessive relations between the Possessor and the Object possessed in the Ugric languages are marked with personal possessive affixes, the presence of which in different construction types is either optional or obligatory. The Khanty somatic vocabulary units denoting human and animal

Pygmalion and Galatea Myth as Traced in the Cycle of Stories

Bologova M.A.
Pages: 56-60

Abstract >>
The paper investigates the transformations of a common mythology plot in the cycle of stories

The Conceptual and Artistic Peculiarities

Mainagasheva N.S.
Pages: 61-63

Abstract >>
The aim of the paper is to characterize the conceptual and artistic originality of the tragedies

The Genesis and the Genre Dyna

Borisova M.A.
Pages: 64-66

Abstract >>
This paper analyses the evolution of Yakut comedy genre starting with its folklore origins and ending with its state-of-the-art. The development of comedy is charac

The Vocative and Imperative Forms in Pushkin

Dmitrieva U. M.
Pages: 67-70

Abstract >>
The paper deals with certain grammatical forms used in Pushkin

I.V. Lopukhin

Dragaikina T.A.
Pages: 71-73

Abstract >>
The paper makes the first attempt witnessed in national research community to investigate a document of

On the Originality of the Lit

Prokhorova TG.
Pages: 74-78

Abstract >>
The paper presents Petrushevskaya

The Motif of Travelling in A.P. Pla

Matveeva N. V.
Pages: 83-84

Abstract >>
The paper is concerned with a topical direction in studying A.P. Platonov

Folklore and Literature of the Peoples of the Norh: Particular Features of Interaction

Khazankovich Yu.G.
Pages: 85-89

Abstract >>
The article considers the functioning of folklore citations, allusions, reminiscences in the stylistic system of

The fFnctional-artistic Signi

Cheltygmasheva LV.
Pages: 90-91

Abstract >>
This paper investigates the problems of functional-artistic significance of mythologemes in the narrative

The Spiritual Values Reference Points of the Heroic Epos of the Siberian Peoples

Kuzmina E.N.
Pages: 92-93

Abstract >>
The paper attempts to apply the methods originally employed in psychology, philisophy, and cultural studies to studying epos. The value system reconstructed on the basis of the analysis of the Siberian peoples epos is described. Having compared the specimens of epos of various peoples (Altaic, Buryat, Khakas, Shor, Yakut ) the author concludes that the loci communes

The Language Peculiarities of the Khakas Heroic Epos

Chistobaeva N/S.
Pages: 94-98

Abstract >>
The paper analyzes the language peculiarities of the Khakas heroic epos which form the basic stock of artistic-poetic tradition. It is shown that the vocabulary of the Khakas heroic legends contains archaic words reflecting certain epochs, loan words resulting from language contacts and, of course, spoken language words for the epic legends are a genuine genre of oral folklore poetics. As a whole, all these language means form a folklore language.

The Influence of

Gombozhapov A.G.
Pages: 99-101

Abstract >>
Based on the field investigations and the materials published, the modernization of the shaman initiation rite and the shaman rite accessories by means of

The Samoyedic Shaman Rite Practice: On the Problem of Interrelationship of Music and Ritual

Dobzhanskaya O.E.
Pages: 102-105

Abstract >>
The paper is devoted to the description of a music component of the shaman rite practice. The author deals with the rite plot structure, the particular features of mu

The Tuvinian Magic Damnation Formulae

Yusha Zh.M.
Pages: 106-108

Abstract >>
The paper investigates the role of the verbal com