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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2006 year, number 2

Series: Domestic History

The agrarian reform of P.A. Stolypin and Siberia. To the centennial anniversary of the decree from the 9th of November of 1906.

Shilovskiy, M.V.
Keywords: P.A. Stolypin, A.V. Krivoshein, migration of people, organizing of the use of land, colony, colonization, community.

Abstract >>
To call attention of scientific association to specific character of the agrarian reform which was carried out by P.A. Stolypin (in the beginning of the XXth century)

The Soviet government

Shishkin, V.I.
Keywords: Western Siberia, the Soviet power, policy, Wandeya, revolt, rebels, battles, arrests, hostages, shootings.

Abstract >>
The author dwells on analysis of the forms and methods used by the Soviet governmental bodies for suppression of Western-Siberian mutiny, in 1921. He concludes that for liquidation of this revolt the whole arsenal of means (which the Soviet power had at its disposal) was used. However, for the whole period of the struggle, military and punitive measures remained those often used to the detriment of the political ones. The choice of mostly power variant of liquidation of Western-Siberian mutiny resulted in surplus death of several thousands of Siberians.

Directing bodies of the State industry in Siberia: their functions and spheres of control (December of the 1919th

Nikolaev, A.A.
Keywords: Councils of National Economy, trusts, syndicates, industrial management, nationalization.

Abstract >>
In this publication, powers and functions of the territorial State bodies of industrial control (Councils of National Economy at the All-Siberian and regional levels) are examined, as well as the character of interactions of these State bodies with industrial works, the Soviet trusts and syndicates, with their personnel formed at the expense of the structures of the State power, is determined. The author demonstrates that conflicts of interests of industrial works and trusts became the motive power of the reforms undertaken in 1927

The Uralo-Siberian method of the State grain procurements: in search of the optimal variant.

Ilyinykh, V.A.
Keywords: the Uralo-Siberian method, agriculture, collectivization.

Abstract >>
The article is devoted to reconstruction of the course of elaboration of the Uralo-Siberian method of the State grain procurements and to revealing of contribution of separate regions into this process. The author has established that the principles of such method were elaborated and applied, for the first time, in the Ural. L.M. Kaganovich participated in working out of ideology of such method. In March of 1929, this method was approved by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the C.P.S.U. which also recommended to apply it in eastern regions of the U.S.S.R. The Siberian Territory Committee of the C.P.S.U. supplemented the new method with effective set of necessary instruments for its realization. These supplements (first of all, fivefold additional voluntary rate-paying) were based on principle in the extent that allowed I.V. Stalin, at the April (1928) Plenum of the Central Committee of the C.P.S.U., to define the method as the Uralo-Siberian one. However, the same as in the Ural, Siberia and Kazakhstan, not being officially widespread in other regions, this method was also used on the Lower Volga Territory.

The conditions and mechanism of forming "the industrial mentality" of builders of the Uralo-Kuznetsk group of enterprises.

Timoshenko, A.I., Isaev, V.I.
Keywords: industrialization, new way of life, socialist emulation, front-rank workers, everyday life.

Abstract >>
The authors set themselves as an object to show the conditions and mechanism of origin of "the industrial mentality" of the Soviet people, in the years of the first five-year plans, and to analyse this phenomenon in the conditions of industrialization and modernization of the Russian society, in the 1920s

Tendencies of forming and development of the way of life of urban population of Siberia, in the XXth century.

Bukin, S.S., Isaev, V.I.
Keywords: urbanization, way of life, daily occurrence, living conditions, services, leisure-time, culture.

Abstract >>
The aim of this publication

"I want to live": about those in Western Siberia who evaded the soldier

Isupov, V.A.
Keywords: evaders, deserters, call to military service, mobilization, military registration and enlistment office, re-registration, illegal reserving, simulation, mutilation.

Abstract >>
In his first approaching to archives documents, chiefly to the materials of military departments of the Territory and Regional Committees of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union [Bolsheviks], the author tries to reveal the scales and means of evasion of citizens from military service in the Red Army, in the years of the Great Patriotic war. The analysis of these documents has shown that the most widespread ways of such evasion were the following ones: staying here or there with false documents, non-appearance in military registration and enlistment offices, in cases of calls to military service, bribery of workers of such military offices, illegal reserving, simulation of illnesses and mutilation. In historiography of our country, the problem of evasion from military service in the Red Army is raised for the first time. The statement itself of such problem is the author

Social consequences of rise in education standard of rural population of Western Siberia, in the 60s

Melentyeva, A.P.
Keywords: common secondary education, education standard, rural population, social consequences, socio-professional mobility, population behaviour, migratory orientation.

Abstract >>
The author sets herself as an object to show how one of the main achievements of the Soviet Epoch

Elaboration and realization of the Programme "Siberia", in the 70s

Dolgoluk, A.A.
Keywords: Siberia, the Programme "Siberia", Siberian Branch of the RAS, the Programme of complex scientific research.

Abstract >>
The author deals with the history of forming of the long-term, complex Programme "Siberia", as well as connected with it

The forming and developing of historical investigations in Siberia: to the 40th anniversary of the Institute of History, Philology and Philosophy of the SB AS of the U.S.S.R.

Kupershtokh, N.A.
Keywords: the history of research works pertaining to the humanities, scientific trends, the institute of the humanities, research works in history.

Abstract >>
To show the main stages of the forming and developing of the Institute of History, Philology and Philosophy of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the U.S.S.R., in the 1960s