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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2004 year, number

On animals and people.

Litvin F.A.
State University, Orel
Pages: 6-12

Abstract >>
The author analyzes prof. Cheremisina

Formation of inter-phrase connection means as a result of utterance compression.

Kolosova T.A., Tazhibayeva S.Zh.
State University, Novosibirsk
State University, Taras
Pages: 13-16

Abstract >>
Comparison analysis of the stated process in the Russian and Kazakh languages allowed the authors saying that there occur similar processes of formation of analytical means of inter-phrase connection as a result of utterance sintagmatic chain compression. Moreover, there is a standardization of separate predicative parts of a complex sentence.


Lukyanova N.A.
State University, Novosibirsk
Pages: 16-23

Abstract >>
The author emphasizes actuality of M.I. Cheremisina

On opposition of central and peripheral grammar of a language.

Panin L.G.
State University, Novosibirsk
Pages: 28-31

Abstract >>
The author witnesses that when considering the existence of central and peripheral grammar one should bear in mind non-coincidence correlating spheres of the language and the speech (e.g. nominative gender, oblique gender, finite forms of a verb). The objective of a researcher is to state the phenomena which can be attributed to peripheral ones and show how they interconnect with the central ones and with each other. Comparative analysis is carried out on the example of ancient and modern Russian.

Semantics of plausibility and modal shade of meaning in the Russian language.

Gatinskaya N.V.
The Institute of Peoples Friendship, Moscow
Pages: 31-39

Abstract >>
The subject of the article is a category of plausibility and its connection with other notions evidentiality in particular. The author makes an attempt to distinguish direct dependence in Russian consulting ancient Russian materials. Plausibility is proved to be larger than evidentiality.

Constructive-syntactic base of some text connections.

Priyatkina A.F.
State University, Vladivostok
Pages: 39-42

Abstract >>
The author proves the importance of syntactic approach towards text structure study, considers the role of one of the main syntactic mechanisms

The scale principle in the linguistic description.

Chaikovskaya N.I.
State University, Uct
Pages: 50-54

Abstract >>
The author thinks that the language sphere that can be described by the lexeme may be Russian simple sentence when considered from the point of grammatical meaning of predicative centre

The notions of

Skribnik E.K.
University, Munich
Pages: 55-60

Abstract >>
The notion of

Grammatical means of pragmatical structuring sentences in the Manchzhur language.

Gorelova L.M.
The Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow
Pages: 60-70

Abstract >>
It was shown that beside the word order peculiar topical markers

Proposition and model (on the example of transition sentences in the Ural and Tungus-Manchzhur languages of Siberia).

Koshkareva N.B.
The Institute of Philology of the SD RAS,Novosibirsk
Pages: 70-80

Abstract >>
The study of elementary simple sentence on the material of different languages raised the question of the relation between the expression and the content of the sentence, correspondence of the sentence model with a definite proposition. The transition proposition on the example of the Hanty, Nanaj and Even languages and the parallels with Russian are considered in the paper.

The constructions with the linking den/min in the Turkic languages of the Southern Siberia.

Shamina L.A.
The Institute of Philology of the SD RAS, Novosibirsk
Pages: 85-89

Abstract >>
The author shows that the functions of the linking den/min in the Turkic languages are similar but not identical to the Russian conjunction

Grammatical peculiarity of the forms and meanings of verbal predicates in the Altai proverbs and sayings.

Baizhanova N.R.
The Institute of Philology of the SD RAS, Novosibirsk
Pages: 89-94

Abstract >>
The author considers the syntactic forms and meanings of mood, person and tense in the verbal predicates used in the Altai proverbs and sayings. The examples are taken from the published Altai heroic epos and the collection of the Altai proverbs and sayings as well (Gorno-Altaisk, 1959 / S.S.Surazakov (in the Altai language)). The translation is given by the author of the present paper.

The semantics and functions of the instrumental case in the Altai language.

Ozonova A.A.
The Institute of Philology of the SD RAS, Novosibirsk
Pages: 101-107

Abstract >>
The given problem is considered from the point of the sentence model presentation. The instrumental case in the Altai language has been marked out recently and goes back to the postposition

Pharyngeal synharmonism in Tuvan.

Selyutina I.Ya., Dambyra I.D., Kechil-ool S.V.
The Institute of Philology of the SD RAS, Novosibirsk
Pages: 108-114

Abstract >>
The authors consider the problems of vowel pharingealization, pharyngeal synharmonism in the Tuvan language entering Circle-Baikal language union. It has been shown that model of phonetic arrangement of the Tuvan wordform follows strict algorithm the base of which is laws of Tuvan synharmonism and phonotactic regularities.

Articulatory characteristics of less-noise bilabial phonemes (on the material of Mrass dialect of the Shor language).

Urtyegyeshev N.S.
The Institute of Philology of the SD RAS, Novosibirsk
Pages: 114-122

Abstract >>
The author investigates articulatory parameters of three less-noise bilabial consonant phonemes: [m]1, [m]2, [m]3 using methods of X-ray, dental-palatalgraphy and lingualgraphy. The author proves various degree of those phoneme palatalisation, gives comparative scheme-pictures.