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Humanitarian sciences in Siberia

2003 year, number

The socio-demographical processes in the Novosibirsk Region in the 1990s.

Bukin, S.S., Chernov D.V.
Institute of History SD RAS, Novosibirsk
Pages: 45-48


The article is devoted to a new and actual theme which has not yet become a subject of scientific research in historiography. The tendencies investigated on the example of Novosibirsk have not only the local meaning but they are also typical for the other eastern regions of our State. The new materials obtained in the local directing bodies and the Regional Statistics Committee are introduced into scientific turn. The authors carry out a complex analysis of the main socio-demographical consequences of the market reforms which took place in Russia, in the last decade of the XXth century. The dynamics of birth-rate and death-rate, the migratory movement of population and changes in its living standard are investigated.