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Russian Geology and Geophysics

2009 year, number 4

Identifying paleorifts as promising tectonic elements for active oil and gas generation

V.S. Starosel'tsev
Siberian Research Institute of Geology, Geophysics, and Mineral Resources, 67 Krasnyi prosp., Novosibirsk, 630091, Russia
Keywords: rift; telescopic graben; reentrant; Moho
Pages: 350-356


The set of geological and geophysical features used to recognize paleorifts is not always complete. As a result, other negative tectonic elements having no favorable conditions for oil and gas generation may be misinterpreted as rifts. The aim of this study was to outline most important controversial aspects in distinguishing paleorift positions and to substantiate the necessity of taking into account a certain combination of their diagnostic features.