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Russian Geology and Geophysics

2009 year, number 11

Clustering of groundwater chemistry data with implications for reservoir appraisal in West Siberia

A.R. Kurchikov, A.G. Plavnik
Trofimuk Institute of Petroleum Geology and Geophysics, West Siberian Filial, 74 ul. Taimyrskaya, Tyumen', 625670, Russia
Keywords: groundwater; water chemistry; clustering; hydrocarbon reservoirs
Pages: 943-949


Division of sedimentary strata according to groundwater chemistry is discussed with implications for petroleum reservoir potential. It is suggested to process multiparametric water chemistry data from West Siberia using formalized clustering techniques. The efficiency of this approach has been tested for Neocomian clinoform reservoirs with reference to regional-scale appraisal and subregional petroleum division.