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Russian Geology and Geophysics

2004 year, number 7


V.P. Danilova
Institute of Petroleum Geology, Siberian Branch of the RAS,3 prosp. Koptyuga, Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia
Keywords: Aquabitumen, group, family, hydrocarbons, biomarkers
Pages: 755-767


The paper presents data on bitumens from formation waters in nonproductive areas or in nonproductive beds of productive areas (aquabitumens (AB) of group I) in the West Siberian petroleum basin, with a special focus on biomarker hydrocarbons (HC) free from biodegradation traces.
The hydrocarbon composition of AB can be used to infer the genetic relations DOM HC AB HC oil HC, i.e., to find oil precursors. Therefore, this is direct evidence for the probability of the primary oil migration. The Bazhenov Formation is the main source of migrating AB in the West Siberian petroleum basin at the present stage of its history.
Formation waters in West Siberia carry a significant amount of migrating oil and hydrocarbon gases. Taking into account numerous elisional water exchange cycles, these oil and gas, though strongly dispersed, might have been responsible for the proven oil and gas resources in the basin.
The reported data shed light on some debatable issues of the sedimentation-migration theory of oil generation.