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2012 year, number 5

Control Adjustment of an Air-Gas Path Based on the Localization Principle

A. S. Vostrikov, A. A. Ponomarev
Novosibirsk State Technical University
Keywords: air-gas path, object model, two-loop PID controller, automatic control system, transient process, automatic calculation of coefficients
Pages: 58-65


Control adjustment of the air-gas path of a thermal power boiler using the localization principle is considered. A mathematical model of the object, its constituent equations, conditions of their derivation, and the transition to state equations are described. The synthesis problem is formulated and controllers are calculated for each channel of the system. A block diagram of the automatic control system is designed and is used to model the transient processes to make conclusions on the system. A program for automatic calculation of the coefficients of differential equations is presented.