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2012 year, number 5

Calculation and Tuning of Controllers for Nonlinear Systems with Different-Rate Processes

V. D. Yurkevich
Novosibirsk State Technical University
Keywords: nonlinear systems, PI and PID controllers, motion separation method
Pages: 24-31


A method for calculating the parameters of controllers for nonlinear nonstationary dynamic systems is proposed. The structure of the controller is a generalization of the structure of proportional-integral and proportional-integral-differential controllers. The method is applicable to unstable nonlinear systems with incomplete information on the plant model. The method is based on the deliberate formation of different-rate processes in a control system in which the stability of fast processes is provided by choosing the controller parameters, and the slow processes formed correspond to the reference model of the desired behavior of a nonlinear system. An example of the results of numerical simulation is given