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2012 year, number 5

Optimal Control of Nonlinear Objects of Engineering Thermophysics

E. Y. Rapoport, Y. E. Pleshivtseva
Samara State Technical University
Keywords: optimal control, engineering thermophysics, distributed-parameter system, time-domain optimization, energy minimization, relay control actions, induction heating
Pages: 3-13


The piecewise continuous (relay) nature of lumped control actions in problems of timeand energy-optimal control of a wide range of distributed-parameter nonlinear objects of engineering thermophysics is established. On this basis, the required programmed controls in a number of practical situations can be found by the proposed algorithmically precise (alternance) method. As an example, which is of independent interest, the problem of optimal control of nonlinear models of induction heating of metal semi-products before subsequent pressure treatment is considered.