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2012 year, number 4

Microelectromechanical Accelerator of Solids

E. G. Kostsov
Institute of Automation and Electrometry, Siberian Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences
Keywords: MEMS, linear actuator, microelectromechanics, electrostatics, capacitive energy converter, ferroelectric film
Pages: 93-103


A possibility of using electric field energy for accelerating solids to significant velocities (1-10 km/s) is considered. A microelectromechanical electrostatic energy converter is used as a capacitive linear actuator, where energy conversion is performed in nanometer gaps, which allows the specific energy density of ~(3-10) J/m2 and more to be reached in a single act of energy conversion at clock frequencies of 1 MHz and more. Such parameters allow pumping of electric field energy up to 10-30 MJ with the 1 m2 area of the energy converter, with subsequent conversion of this energy to the kinetic energy of object motion. Specific features of the structure of the high-energy-intensity electrostatic energy converter and its operation at high clock frequencies in the regime of acceleration of a slider with a mass up to 10 kg are considered.