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2012 year, number 4

Device for the Study of Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Semiconductor Structures

V. N. V'yukhin, Y. A. Popov
Institute of Automation and Electrometry, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences,
Keywords: semiconductor structures, measuring circuits, capacitance and charge measurements, measuring head, filter, amplifier, synchronous detector
Pages: 72-78


A device for studying the relaxation dynamics of nonequilibrium capacitance and charge in the mode of nonequilibrium depletion of MIS structures is designed. Methods of measurements were developed that provide a sensitivity of 0.03 pF and 0.02 pC along the capacitance and charge measurement channels with the acceleration time 1.5 µs and 0.7 µs, respectively. The results are obtained with a double amplitude of the test signal of capacitance measurement of ~15 mV and frequency 5 MHz. A mode of measuring the capacitance-voltage characteristics with a scanning duration up to 100 s is implemented.